Gambit seems to be back on track

After spending ages in development hell the solo Gambit film is back and it’s getting a do-over.

SNES Classic Mini teaser shows off some new features

As the pre-orders have started rolling out for the SNES Mini Classic Edition, Nintendo’s also tossed out a trailer for the console which showcases a couple of new features.

D24 Durian McFlurry is coming to town this week!

Source: Ivy Yek @ Facebook

Stop everything! McDonalds is bringing in their D24 Durian McFlurry to Malaysia this Thursday!

More Hollywood whitewashing as Ed Skrein is cast as Ben Daimio in Hellboy reboot

The whole issue of whitewashing has always been interesting to me. Fan outrage about the recent Netflix Death Note comes to mind. I personally do not find that whitewashing as the original anime was set in Japan, while the Netflix movie is an American version of it, set in the US. But I understood where the backlash was coming from. 

Extensive leak reveals new team rosters for Fnatic, Secret, Evil Geniuses, OG and many more

Looks like a really big handful of DOTA 2 pro gamer teams just got their rosters leaked.

Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport limited edition PS4 bundle drops this October

Sony‘s got a new PS4 bundle heading our way and it features a specially designed Gran Turismo Sport themed Playstation 4 along with the game of the same name!

War of the streaming services: Iflix to start streaming Disney properties

It looks like 5-10 years from now, we might get a WCW Vs WWE Monday Night Wars styled documentary discussing the various streaming services (and cable networks). 

AniManGaki 2017 photo gallery

Missed out on AniManGaki this year, or just looking out for your rad cosplay photos? hit our gallery to see what you missed over the weekend!

Shenmue III drops a teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer for Shenmue III appeared earlier this week and it’s apparently built from an in-development build of the game.

You can finally get your dream pooch in The Sims 4

A brand new expansion pack just came out for The Sims 4, and it’ll allow you to finally get those pets you wanted!