Sony announces Naruto themed limited-edition headset and Walkman

Honoring popular TV series that has entertained millions, Sony has created a limited edition Walkman and headphones emblazoned with Naruto themes.

Disney’s first ever Marvel Day at Sea sets sail in 2017

Disney‘s Cruise Line has just added a new Marvel offering for 2017, with the Marvel Day at Sea to celebrate the epic adventures of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains.

Sony’s new 3rd party PS4 controllers are here

Sony’s revealed two new 3rd party PS4 controllers; one from Razer and another from Nacon which will hit the market later this year.

Director Tim Miller quits Deadpool 2

Deadpool director Tim Miller is leaving the Deadpool 2 movie project due to a series of creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds.

Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange Poster

Has Marvel Studios once again translated one of their heroes from comic page to cinema screen successfully or is Doctor Strange, the master of Mystic Arts, too weird a character to make the transition?

Tokyo Comic Con has banned male crossplay

Tokyo Comic Con has just swung its banhammer down on male-to-female (or trap) cosplay, with the new ban being posted on the convention’s website alongside some other banned costume styles.

Shawn Levy to direct Sony’s Uncharted movie

Sony’s movie adaptation of popular Playstation-exclusive Uncharted series just got itself Shawn Levy, best known for Stranger Things and Night at the Museum.

Wanna learn to make cool props? CRE.aRT expo is the place to go

If you’ve ever wished there was a convention out there that focused almost entirely on the craft of cosplay, CRE.aRT is right up your alley. This one day event is all about the making of props and costumes; complete with guest speakers and workshops.

NVIDIA is giving out USD$50k worth of Shadow Warrior 2 codes to gamers

Shadow Warrior 2 is finally out and NVIDIA wants to spread the love by giving out USD$50,000 worth of game codes to random gamers using their GeForce Experience app.

Doctor Strange’s Wong to appear in Avengers: Infinity War

We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will be in Avengers: Infinity War, but it seems his co-star Benedict Wong (who plays well, Wong) will also be making an appearance.