Check out two new images for the Final Fantasy VII remake

Remember that big scorpion tank you had to fight in the beginning of Final Fantasy VII? well here’s what it will look like in the new remake.

Catch the Power Rangers Morphin’ in new image set

The hype for the upcoming Power Rangers movie continues strong, with a brand new image set showing off the Rangers morphing into their respective suits.

Vampire: The Masquerade’s getting its first new game in a decade

Vampire: The Masquerade hasn’t really had anything new going for it over the last ten years (wow, it really has been that long?) but White Wolf Publishing has a brand new game for the series, joined by a sister title.

Baby Groot is getting his own comic series

Marvel has announced that our favourite woodsy alien hero is getting his very own comic series.

Here’s a list of all the local ACG conventions for 2017

Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

This year, we’re expecting just as many conventions happening as the last, so here’s a quick breakdown of what cons are happening in Malaysia this 2017.

The latest Pokemon mobile game stars the weakest Pokemon

The Pokemon Company just lifted the lid off a brand new Pokemon mobile game that they’re working on; and it stars the floppy, orange fish we know as Magikarp.

Pokemon Go’s 2nd Gen update is hitting this week!

Finally, Pokemon Go is getting that enormous update we’ve been waiting for that will push the game into the 2nd generation of Pokemon!

Gravity Rush 2 review

It isn’t everyday you get to zip through the skies, though not quite by flying but by controlled falling. If you’re not familiar with the Gravity Rush series, well, time to say goodbye to normal gravity.

The live-action JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure movie has new character visuals

More character visuals have made their appearance for the live-action JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter I. 

Maker drops Pewdiepie following bad conduct

Pewdiepie, YouTube’s biggest star is in a bit of hot water following a batch of videos containing anti-semitic content.