The Companies That Changed The Face of Digital Watches

Every year, new digital watch brands come along and hope to earn a place on your wrist. In a bid to be noticed, some are weird and wacky, some are quite cool, and others totally play to your nostalgia, but in all honesty, these brands find it tough to compete against companies who have been there long before them. If your brand isn’t called Seiko, Casio, or Apple, then, as the South Park meme goes, “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

This Heroes of the Storm trailer for its new mecha skins is all kinds of awesome

Mecha Storm Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm may not exactly have the popularity of DOTA 2 or League of Legends when it comes to the realm of MOBA games but they do know how to make up for it with style. Their latest teaser for their news skins is a pretty good indicator for that.

Johor Sultan gets life-size The Flintsones car from Pahang royalty

Johor Sultan Flintstone Car

If there’s one iconic car from our childhood that we’d like to see in real life, The Flintstones’ leg powered car is very likely one of them. Now, the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, a well-known car lover, has got his very own life-size replica of the said car.

Behold the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Sneaker collection

If you’ve been waiting for a collaboration between Dragon Ball Z and a mainstream brand, wait no longer. Adidas, arguably one of the most mainstream shoe brands you’ll ever find has finally unveiled their collaboration with Akira Toriyama with their new Adidas X DragonBall Z sneaker collection.

HAProxy: Why an Open-Source Load Balancer Rose to Prominence

server room

Those working in IT infrastructure will no doubt understand the difficult balancing act of maintaining and improving the performance of your business applications, particularly as they grow in popularity and thus in user numbers.

Innovations on the home-front: the smart home and beyond….


If you’re not familiar with the smart home, it’s, in essence, the concept of a home that can be centrally controlled and that can pretty much run itself. This means that there are all sorts of nifty gadgets coming out (check a few of the best for 2018 out here). What all of these gadgets really are is simply a 21st Century version of an old-fashioned housekeeper: they take all the stress out of living by dealing with all the administrative side of things, letting you just get on with living your life.

Cosplay is haram according to this Mufti…

Cosplay haram

Cosplay once again comes under scrutiny, with the Wilayah Persekutuan Mufti, Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri declaring that the hobby is haram, especially if it shows off the aurat or resembles another religion’s deity, fictional or otherwise.

Monster Hunter: World hits the PC this Fall

That’s right, Capcom finally has a date for Monster Hunter: World to hit the PC.

Here are the top 10 Hatsune Miku Karaoke Songs of 2017

hatsune miku

If you’re really into Japanese karaoke, you might have heard of Xing. The company has been distributing Karaoke songs via its on-demand karaoke service Joysounds for over 10 years. They’ve got a pretty extensive catalogue and that also includes vocaloid music.

Popular Sumo Club manga, Hinomaru Zumō, gets an anime

Hinomaru Zumo 1

Sumo is one of the most iconic Japanese sports and martial arts and many anime and manga, especially martial arts related ones, have depicted the sport in their stories. However, Kawada’s Hinomaru Zumō, is one of the few manga that has looked at it as sport worthy of its own manga.