A live-action remake of The Lion King is on it’s way

the lion king disney reboot

Disney has been on a mission to turn almost all their classic animated movies into live-action versions. We’ve already seen Cinderella, Malefecent and The Jungle Book, with Beauty and the Beast in the works as well. Now, another classic Disney animation will be getting it’s live action remake, The Lion King.

Train to Busan prequel, Seoul Station now showing in TGV

If you loved Train to Busan, you’ll love Seoul Station. Now TGV cinemas has begun showing the film locally.

[Review] 24″ Samsung CF390 : Ahead of the curve

Samsung’s been on a roll with their curved screens, and now we get to enjoy the very same thing on a more personal sized level. Enter one of Samsung’s latest 24-inch curved monitors, which is more than just a pretty picture.

Adventure Time will end in 2018

Adventure Time, the long-running series by Pendleton Ward about the adventures of Finn and Jake in the crazy Land of Ooo is going to come to an end.

Razer reveals a new gaming mouse, the DeathAdder Elite

Sporting the world’s most accurate sensor, Razer‘s Mechanical Mouse Switches combined with the DeathAdder’s extremely popular ergonomics, comes the DeathAdder Elite, Razer’s brand new eSports gaming mouse.

Pacific Rim 2 casts Adria Arjona

The Belko Experiment’s Adria Arjona joins the cast of Pacific Rim 2 for an as-of-yet unknown role.

Wasteland 3 confirmed, will have online co-op

Developers inXile have announced that they’re producing a direct sequel to Wasteland 2, announcing Wasteland 3, which they will be bringing about via crowdfunding on Fig.

Have never-ending mobile data? Here are 5 things you can do with it

What is freedom? It’s this idealistic concept of not being bound by any restrictions and limitations. It’s that feeling of being able to do ANYTHING to your heart’s content; It’s something that you REALLY have to feel for yourself before you actually know what it’s all about. Just how many of us have truly had that experience?

What if you could have it, though? What if, you could be free to enjoy the full benefits of accessing something that embodies freedom. Something like the internet. That’s right, there’ll be no worries or concern, just use it as long as you want. What if that’s possible? What would you do? What COULD you do?

A live-action adaption of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure comes 2017

One of the latest mangas to get the live-action treatment is none other than Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which will be helmed by Takashi Miike and, Warner Bros. Japan and Toho, the very same behind the Godzilla franchise.

Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs Pop! Vinyls are coming

Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs Pop! Vinyls are hitting the shelves in a couple of months, check them out here!