The untitled Han Solo film will reveal how he got his name

Looks like some new details on our favourite smuggler’s solo movie are out, as confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

DC has just dropped new Justice League teasers

DC is going to drop a new teaser for Justice League on Saturday, but they decided to also pop us a teaser for Aquaman just to keep us running strong on that hype train.

Life Review

Scientists aboard the International Space Station, including Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, get a lot more than they bargained for when the investigate organic samples returned from Mars, in Life.

Super Mario Run is finally out for Android

Nintendo‘s first mobile game for the Mario series, Super Mario Run has finally hit Android devices, and is now available for download from the Play Store!

The first trailer for Netflix’s Death Note is here

After experiencing some setbacks when their set got burglarized a few months back, Adam Wingard’s Death Note has just gotten its first trailer.

All six seasons of Captain Planet will be up for digital download

Captain Planet, the animated series about a bunch of teens along with a blue skinned superhero saving the planet from pollution will be available for digital download starting April!

Microsoft’s new Recon Tech controllers are military inspired

Microsoft recently revealed a new, military tech-inspired Xbox controller which is due to hit the market next month.

Power Rangers reboot features prominent character with autism

The Power Rangers reboot is looking like it has some of the most diverse cast yet, with Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger to be a character who is on the austism spectrum.

The Mana series will be hitting the Nintendo Switch

Square Enix is bringing three of their first Seiken Densetsu (The Mana series to us English speaking peeps) RPGs to the Nintendo Switch in one neat package.

Here are the winners for our Aether Revolt contest!

Our contest has concluded and we’ve finally picked our winners!