SDCC 2016: Hulk’s gladiator armor spotted among Thor: Ragnarok props display

Hulk’s gladiator armor has mysteriously appeared at Marvel‘s SDCC 2016 booth; possibly suggesting that there will be elements from Planet Hulk appearing in Thor: Ragnarok.

SDCC 2016: Check out these images for the upcoming Robotech comic series

Titan Comics and Harmony Gold has a new Robotech comic series coming up and they showed off some of the art at SDCC 2016, featuring pieces from Caspar Wijngaard, Luis Guerrero, Mariano Laclaustra and Antonio Fuso. Check ’em out here!

Coordinate your Pokemon GO hunts with Razer’s new app

Razer Go Pokemon GO app

You have to hand it to Razer. They really know how to capitalise on what’s popular, and they’re doing it again. This time by releasing a companion app for Pokemon GO. Called RazerGO, it’s specifically designed to support the wildly popular AR game.

SDCC 2016: The American Gods trailer is now out!

If there is one book adaptation many of us have been waiting for, it has got to be American Gods by Neil Gaiman. While we know that it was getting a TV series, we have yet to get a glimpse of it. The wait is over as the trailer for the series is now out.

SDCC 2016: Ghost Rider to appear season 4 of Agents of SHIELD

Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

The spirit of vengeance will be making an appearance in the next season of Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD. If you’re expecting Johnny Blaze however, you’ll be disappointed, as the version of Ghost Rider in the show will be the most recent iteration of the character, Roberto “Robbie” Reyes.

These PokeBall phone chargers let you keep your phone juiced and lets you feel like a real Pokemon trainer

Need to keep charged while playing Pokemon Go? these PokeBall chargers will keep you fully juiced and have you feel like a bona fide Pokemon trainer.

AniManGaki’s Hearthstone tournament is open!

For all your Hearthstone buffs, AniManGaki 2016 will be host to a Hearthstone tournament! check out the details here!

SDCC 2016: Check out the trailer for Justice League Action

Showing at Comic-Con 2016 as promised by their producers, here’s the first look at Justice League Action. Trailer inside!

Lionsgate is looking to expand their Hunger Games franchise

Having suffered a handful of setbacks over the last year, Lionsgate is trying to figure out how to further expand their successful Hunger Games franchise. Could this mean more movies after they’ve run out of books?

This Pokemon Go dating service will help you catch some love

That’s right, you now can sign up for a Pokemon Go dating service. Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming?