5. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Manga

In the fantasy world, there are MANY types of monsters and goblins are usually classified as the lowest tier of monsters. In typical fantasy tropes, they’re relegated as the cannon fodder, the monsters that are the easiest to kill and generally forgettable, not exactly the kind of monsters a hero would deign to put his effort into.

However, what if the main character of a story devotes his entire life and being to killing the lowest of the low, the most basic of monsters. That’s what the manga Goblin Slayer explores. Based on the light novel of the same name, it follows a rather silent main character which goes by the name (yep no guessing there) Goblin Slayer who has dedicated his life to, yes, slaying goblins exclusively.

However, his life is about to change when he meets up with a rather newbie priestess and the once silent and brooding Goblin Slayer will now see a new adventure open up to him, where he might do something other than just slaying goblins.

  • mitotsu

    it is a sin to not mention Boichi’s greatest work that is SUN-KEN ROCK.

    • crispy

      wallman too

    • Okarin

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  • Marin

    Does ayanashi have WN? .. just like Arifureta

    • sj4iy

      No, it’s only in manga form.

  • FFX

    should put a rape warning tag for one of them. or mature. not for kids

    • Dee Path

      Rape tag on Goblin Slayer. RIP raped girls 🙁
      -spoiler alert.

  • I highly recommend that you read the light novel and manga of Arifureta. I promise you that it was the best transformation ever!!

  • yuu

    ps: it’s Fumetsu no Anata e not fumetusu no anaya or whatever is that

  • Rory Mercury

    ggoblin slayer <3

  • Piluka Sanchez

    this title ‘Fumetusu no Anaya’ it’s not totally correct, you should change to ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’ I’m just telling you because I was looking for it and finally I found it through the correct name. 😀 Thanks for your work! ^^

  • Tikalon

    They should add Grand Blue.

  • Darthos D’Artagnan

    2 and 6 updates so slow. so skip those.
    goblin slayer is good but not for kids.
    to you immortal is d best on those 10 manga posted.

  • Nizam Aziz

    Dr Stone is a great manga! Is this the first Boichi’s manga with such lighthearted tone? The humor is also top notch!

  • Eiryu

    For some reason i dont trust anything that has Boku no ” on it