6. Jaryu Tensei

Jaryuu Tensei Manga

Typically when it comes to reincarnation-genre manga/stories, the main character is usually reincarnated as a human child retaining all his/her memories from before, giving them a leg-up in the new world. But what if instead of reincarnating as a human, the main character instead becomes a dragon?

That’s the premise of Jaryu Tensei where the main characters reincarnates as a dragon in another world after being dying in a car crash because a couple was making out. And while he has become an all powerful dragon, he’s just too lazy to do anything.

Read as he finally gets a human form and starts adventuring and exploring this new world he has been reincarnated in while picking some interesting characters in his party along the way.

  • mitotsu

    it is a sin to not mention Boichi’s greatest work that is SUN-KEN ROCK.

    • crispy

      wallman too

  • Marin

    Does ayanashi have WN? .. just like Arifureta

    • sj4iy

      No, it’s only in manga form.

  • FFX

    should put a rape warning tag for one of them. or mature. not for kids

    • Dee Path

      Rape tag on Goblin Slayer. RIP raped girls 🙁
      -spoiler alert.