2. Jamie Chung

Dragonball Jamie Chung
Yes, we know the Hollywood Dragon Ball movie was horrible. It did show Jamie Chung’s fighting chops though

Jamie Chung might, for some, be a weird choice for the role of Major Kusanagi but well just hear us out. Since one of the reasons for this “whitewashing” of Asian characters was the need for a more recognisable star, then Jamie Chung would definitely fit the bill.

She has been successful not only on TV but has managed to land some pretty decent roles in movies like Sucker Punch, Big Hero 6 and Sin City: A Dame to Kill for. Many people would also recognise her as Mulan from the hit series Once Upon A Time.

Those roles have shown that she can make it when it comes from an acting point of view and as for the action part, she does have some martial arts training and not to mention that time she played the lead role in this little-known movie called Samurai Girl.