Valentine apps

Still haven’t found a date for this year’s Valentine’s Day? With just over a week left until February 14, you might want to hasten your search. No need to go all desperate about it, however, what with all the dating websites you can join online, but you might have to do double time on your quest of finding a date in time for the Day of Hearts. Fortunately, most dating sites have mobile apps that allow you to meet new people and find love on the go and around the clock. Granted a week might be a little less time than you need but with an unwavering determination, the odds of you finding a date would be quite high.

So where should you start?



Tinder makes the search for love less daunting and more fun. It provides an exciting way to connect to other people based on what is known as the ultimate deciding factor — your looks. Sure, it sounds superficial and all, but with just a few minutes to connect, it all boils down to physical attraction. In fact, one of the very reasons that Tinder has become a huge success is that a lot of its members found potential mates that are as good looking as they are.


  • Easy to use. Users only need to swipe through photos of potential dates, right to like or left to pass. You can then send a message to those you like, and when someone likes back, a virtual connection is then established. The app lets you chat or use Moment, a platform where you snap a photo to share a moment with all your matches simultaneously.
  • Effective for meeting kindred spirits. According to research, an interesting aspect of Tinder is the notion that strangers can predict the kind of qualities a person has based on photos. A perfectly good picture can showcase someone’s self-confidence or quirkiness.


  • Limited approach. Since you only have photos to work with, you don’t have any knowledge of someone’s personality or whether you have anything in common. Experts say that a happy relationship is not based on good looks alone.

You can download it here for iOS or here for Android.

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