As much as we love seeing our fave characters come to life on the big screen, not every movie adaptation has gone particularly well. Just as many tend to fall flat on their faces as do those who actually “make it” and all we can do is groan as we watch our shows get mangled into something else entirely.

So, we have compiled a list of absolutely horrible anime to movie adaptations that have come out over the years and stuck it all in one place for your uh…amusement. More stuff after the jump!

Attack on Titan Part 1-2

Attack on Titan looked quite alright on the outset. The start of the film was reasonably close to the opening episodes of the anime itself, albeit with aged-up cast and some minor differences, and the costumes were great. The movie does decent with hitting some key points in the anime and manga, but it takes some of its own liberties. The movies are gory, but add in some extra stuff that doesn’t make sense (to us) and we find that the Titans behave rather strangely sometimes compared to their anime counterparts. Probably only genuinely terrible if you’re a big fan of the franchise, which brings us to our next entry…

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  • kage

    the last airbender is not an anime 🙂

    • Wei Leong Chua

      Anime is cartoon… Cartoon is anime… It just a term given by Japan for animation just as western for cartoon

      • Christine Vizconde

        Anime is japanese animation. Is last airbender a japanese animation?

        • Rhea Umali

          @Christine Vizconde, You’re right. @Wei Leong Chua, Apply cold compress to the burned area!

    • Aturfhee

      @disqus_Y4xPfLLPdR:disqus Here comes the weaboo to justify anime isn’t cartoon.
      Japanese animation = anime
      Other world animation = cartoons
      It’s basically the same “animation”
      Wake the f* up and deal with it

  • Wei Leong Chua

    GITS is a OK… Except aramaki is not bald and togusa is not long hair.. Also batou is smaller in body build compared to anime… They cramped two arc together and changed motoko background abit

  • Satellizer

    I like the attack on titan part 1 but not the part two,
    In my opinion the real reason why this adaptation failed is because of
    the story is different from the original manga, my family really like it
    except me because they don’t know the manga or the anime but as a movie
    they like it.