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My Neighbor Totoro Mei and Cat Bus

My Neighbor Totoro apparently has a sequel and no one knew about it

Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro apparently has a sequel which hardly anyone knew about
nubou uematsu earthbound papas cf 2017-1

Earthbound Papas and legendary composer Nobuo Oematsu are coming to CF!

Holy Cow! Earthbound Papas are going to perform at Comic Fiesta 2017 and they're bringing along composer Nobuo Uematsu for their first ever Malaysian...
game of thrones season 7_3

HBO is working on not one but four Game of Thrones spin-offs

Game of Thrones may be ending next year but HBO doesn't want it to end just like that. So no surprise that they're working on a couple of spin-offs
Offpeak bombing Pokemon Go lures event

Offpeak.my is dropping Pokemon GO lures in 4 Malaysian neighbourhoods

Plenty of companies are leveraging in on the whole Pokemon GO craze from Hotlink and Grab to Sunway Pyramid. One more has jumped into...

HBO’s Westworld has a trailer

HBO is set to reboot the old Micheal Crichton movie into a series starting next year

Asimov’s Foundation series to be adapted by HBO soon

Interstellar co-writer Jonathan Nolan will be helming the series and he better do a good job on it
server room

HAProxy: Why an Open-Source Load Balancer Rose to Prominence

Those working in IT infrastructure will no doubt understand the difficult balancing act of maintaining and improving the performance of your business applications, particularly as...
McDonlads serl serving kiosk Malaysia

McDonald’s Malaysia has finally brought in their self-serving kiosks

Looks like McDonald's Malaysia has brought in their self-serving kiosk into Malaysia. Yay, no more need to deal with counter staff!

Here’s 8 toe-curling games to scare your pants off this Halloween 2017

Halloween is crawling up, and everyone's starting to get into the spooky holiday mood. If you're not heading out for a fun party of...

Merfolk, vampires, pirates and dinosaurs galore, Ixalan is almost here!

The latest set for Magic the Gathering is almost here, bring on the pirates, merfolk, vampires and dinosaurs! With the pre-release happening last week, Ixalan...