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Macross Delta film title revealed along with opening date

At a recent announcement event, the upcoming Macross Delta film finally got its opening date as well as the name of the film project. The...

Staff and singer for Macross Delta announced

We've just gotten a hold of the latest information for Macross Delta /Macross Δ  thanks to the Super Dimension Production Announcement Event today. https://twitter.com/cinematoday/status/659605590046408704 Macross Delta's newest idol...

Bandai will be revealing a 1:6 scale new Valkyrie from Macross Delta

Bandai's official Twitter account announced the unveilling of an 1/6 scale new Valkyrie from upcoming Macross Delta during the Tamashii Nations 2015 exhibition. https://twitter.com/t_features/status/657570896572321792 It will...

The new Macross series will be officially known as Macross Δ (Delta)

Macross Δ is the name of next Macross series and more to come soon

Shoji Kawamori will be making an appearance at VAX 2015

The renowned mecha designer and founder of transformable humaniod machines is set to appear at Visual Arts Expo 2015 held in Malaysia.