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Watch this Nintendo Switch sail 1,000 feet and survive

We're full of reports of the Nintendo Switch with lots of problems of its own, so how do you think it will fare when dropped...

Monster Hunter XX is heading to the Nintendo Switch

Capcom just announced that their Nintendo 3DS title Monster Hunter XX is now heading to the Switch. Monster Hunter XX (or Double Cross to some)...

The Mana series will be hitting the Nintendo Switch

Square Enix is bringing three of their first Seiken Densetsu (The Mana series to us English speaking peeps) RPGs to the Nintendo Switch in one...

Users are reporting lots of problems with the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has only been out for a week, and boy the console has it's problems. Here's just some of the problems users...

10 games to get for your brand new Nintendo Switch

Got your spiffy brand new Nintendo Switch? Here are the 10 games you'll want to get for it

Watch these guys tear down a Nintendo Switch so you don’t have to

The Nintendo Switch hasn't even been out for a week, and the guys over at iFixit have already taken it apart. iFixit is known for...

Nintendo Switch cartridges apparently taste terrible

The Nintendo Switch is almost upon us and there seem to be reports that the cartidges taste terrible. While we don't condone putting such things...
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Here’s where you can get the Nintendo Switch below RM2000 in Malaysia

You'll have to sacrifice one Nintendo Switch game though if you want to get the console bundle at below RM2000

The Nintendo Switch is getting three new games at launch

Yup, the Nintendo Switch is getting three extra games at launch from the Tomorrow Corporation, World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine. These...

The Nintendo Switch has only 32GB onboard memory

Turns out the Nintendo Switch doesn't have that much storage under the hood, after the hardware specs were dropped, and it recently was discovered...

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