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Are these Pacific Rim 2’s new Jaegers?

With the new Pacific Rim movie coming, they're definitely going to be needing some new Jaegers, given that most of them got trashed in...

New Pacific Rim: Uprising image is chock full of Gipsy Danger

Gipsy danger is back for Pacific Rim: Uprising in this new black-and-white image posted by the main star of the show, John Boyega. Originally piloted...

John Boyega spotted in his Pacific Rim pilot suit

John Boyega, known most now for his portrayal of Finn in The Force Awakens, has been spotted in costume for the filming of Pacific...

Upcoming Godzilla and Pacific Rim 2 films get new titles

The upcoming Pacific Rim 2 and Godzilla 2 movies are getting their own titles, as announced by Legendary. The films in question are Godzilla: King...

Pacific Rim 2 casts Adria Arjona

The Belko Experiment's Adria Arjona joins the cast of Pacific Rim 2 for an as-of-yet unknown role. Adria Arjona is the most recent cast member to...

Guillermo del Toro teases some details on Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro has dropped some hints on the highly anticipated Pacific Rim 2; which has been in and out of development hell over...

Pacific Rim 2 lands in 2018

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 has spent way too long in development hell but now it looks like its finally happening! Pacific Rim 2...

Pacific Rim 2 is apparently still on

For all the rumours and reports that Pacific Rim 2 was going down the drink, director Guillermo del Toro still firmly states that the...

Pacific Rim 2 is in progress according to del Toro

Despite the uncertainty about Pacific Rim 2, director Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) forging ahead and tweeted that John Spaihts (Dr. Strange, Prometheus)...
Maisie William for Pacific Rim 2?

Guillermo del Toro wants to cast Arya Stark in Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro wants Maisie Williams to be a Jaeger pilot in sequel if he gets the funding

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