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Toei reveals Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, celebrating the franchise’s 45th anniversary

Toei recently announced the next instalment of its Kamen Rider series, called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, inspired by video games. The series would be celebrating the...

Bandai and Toei Animation tease new Digimon project: Appli Monsters

The series will include a game, TV show, and figures and models. A single page teaser advert in V Jump magazine promises a "huge" Digimon...

Toei announces the main lead of Kamen Rider Ghost

New installment to the Kamen Rider series will include historical figures as powers

New Mazinger Z trailer gives us a taste of what’s to come

A new, 30 second trailer has dropped for the upcoming Mazinger Z anime film and it's giving us a little taste of what debuted...

Saint Seiya is getting adapted into a live-action movie

Seems like the Saint Seiya franchise is next to hit the realm of live-action movies, as Hollywood is going to be working on a...

The Pink Ranger is getting her own comic book series

Just in time to hop on the Power Rangers movie reboot train, Saban Brands and Boom! Studios have announced that they will be launching...
Romantic anime for valentines

10 Romantic anime you’ll need to watch to get all mushy inside

Need some anime to get all romantic with your better half? Here's 10 picks that'll definitely make you all mush inside

The 24th Season of Power Rangers will be Ninja Steel

The next season of the Power Rangers franchise has been confirmed to be titled Power Rangers Ninja Steel, set to premiere in 2017. More...

An exhibition of Powerpuff and Love Live collaboration held in Tokyo

A special exhibition titled “Love Live! ~µ’s meet The Powerpuff Girls” will be held in the Parco Museum at third floor of Shibuya Parco...
Horror anime

Creep yourself out by watching these Horror anime

Need a good scare? How about creeping yourself out by watching these Horror anime

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