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Watch the final adrenaline pumping trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes

This trailer will grab you by the throat and scream, "YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!"

A teaser for War for the Planet of the Apes is here

The sequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has a new teaser for the third chapter in the revamped series. Teaser video...

Here’s some updates on War of the Planet of the Apes casting

The third installment of the Apes franchise is set to film end of this year and found its first human cast too

10 Expected changes between Captain America: Civil War and the Comics

What differences can we expected between Captain America: Civil War and comic series of the same name?

We have some updates on the Warcraft movie from SDC 2015

Two images showing two sides of story in the upcoming Warcraft movie

Why Hollywood is wrong for blaming Rotten Tomatoes for the failures of Baywatch and...

Apparently, the reason why Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge aren't crushing it at the US box office is because of Rotten Tomatoes. Oh really? So...

5 movies that are going to crush it at the 2017 summer box office

2017 has got to be one of the BIGGEST years for movies in recent memory. It's only May and we've already seen movies like Fate...

Ben Affleck’s not directing the solo Batman film

After appearing in both Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice it looks like Ben Affleck won't be running the show in the...
Blockbuster movies 2017

30 blockbuster movies to look out for in 2017

2017 has hit us, and there’s a boatload of movies coming out. Which ones are for us geeks and pop culture aficionados? Let’s find out!

Kong: Skull Island Review

Is Kong still King or is the old age ape too long in the tooth for modern audiences?

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