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People often talk about how the piece of sh*t, sorry excuse for a movie titled Batman & Robin almost killed the comic book movie genre in...

Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple AKA Night Nurse is one of the best parts of the Netflix Marvel Universe. Now, she's in talks to play...

Created by the people who gave us Fargo, FX's Legion managed to receive high praise from critics for its unique, visceral take on the superhero genre. Now,...

Fox has ordered a pilot for a new live-action X-Men series, in partnership with Marvel. Showrunner Matt Nix will be behind the show, which is...
X-men Apocalypse poster 1

Want to catch the battle royale between the X-Men and Apocalypse? Join our contest for a chance and you'll even get some awesome premiums as well

Has the SIXTH film in the main X-Men series, X-Men: Apocalypse, got anything new left to say at this point?

X-Men: Apocalypse opens in cinemas soon, so there's no better time to take a look back at the comic history of the man himself En Sabah Nur AKA Apocalypse

Logan 's claws make an appearance teased at the end of the final trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse

Ahead of the upcoming release of X-Men: Apocalypse coming 27 May, we are treated a promo video which sets up Apocalypse's origin with a "retro" documentary series,...
X-men: Apocalypse

Professor Xavier and his team of mutants are going to have a bad time in this new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. Check it out...

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