Look out Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, there’s a new anime series heading your way that’s due to drop in 2017.

The new series, which is the sixth series for the franchise, also has had an image of its protagonist, Yusaku Fujiki revealed. His hairdo is just as spectacular as his predecessors.

There’s no other details about the series, but Crunchyroll has a few tidbits of info:

“The latest 6th installment is aimed at children who give up their dreams before actually trying due to information overloading, hoping to encourage them to take a step to try things that they like and that they are interested in. The protagonist Yusaku is a boy who excessively hates to stand out and not noticeable at his school. But through the duels, he meets various type of people, then starts to take a step and try things.”

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