6. Alien vs. Predator (2004)

The Alien Vs. Predator concept was only marginally more successful the first time around. Eschewing the off-world colony set up of the comic that began the whole “X vs. Y” fad,  you can at least see what the Aliens and Predators are doing.  Unfortunately, you can also see Paul W.S Anderson (of Resident Evil “Fame”) drastically damage the mythos and lethality of the Predators as two of them go down far too easy for what are supposed to be the galaxy’s greatest hunters. The third even manages to get impregnated by an Alien (daddy to the “Predalien” for the next film)

Shooting the fights in slow motion as Predators swing Aliens around by the tail doesn’t do the film any favours either. Lance Henrikkson’s appearance as Charles Bishop Weyland (ugh!) only throws into contrast how forgettable the rest of the cast is.

Not quite the shot of new blood the franchise needed after Alien: Resurrection.

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