3. Alien(1992)

After Alien’s “haunted house in space” and the bigger, brasher adventure of James Cameron’s Aliens the only real option open for Aliendirector David Fincher was to go was smaller. He had no choice really, seeing as Fox had already spent millions failing to develop a number of other ideas for this sequel.

Confining the story to a weaponless prison planet,  Aliengets off to a bad start with its ignominious of screen deaths of Hicks, Newt and Bishop from the previous film.  The return to a single Xenomorph, loose in a single location with minimal weapons, and a load of English-accented prisoners was also hard to take after the bombast of Cameron’s Aliens.

At least they tried to do something different, fulfilling Ripley’s greatest nightmare and infecting her with an Alien queen.   The filmmakers also deserve some credit for following through on this, ending the film with Ripley’s death,  as she sacrifices herself to prevent the Alien Queen bursting through her chest from falling into the hands of “The Company”.

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