3. ChäoS;Child


ChäoS;Child. Not so much a returning anime but a sequel to ChäoS;Head. Like ChäoS;Head, ChäoS;Child is also an adaptation of the visual novel game of the same name. In Chaos: Child, it is 2015, six years after the events o fChäoS;Head and after an earthquake nearly levels the city of Shibuya. It follows a group of high school students who survived the earthquake, including the main character Takuru Miyashiro, who is a senior in high school and president of the school’s newspaper club.

Accompanying his is his childhood friend Serika Onoe and foster sister Nono Kurusu. Several of the characters have superhuman abilities: for instance, one can spot lies with absolute certainty, while another can use pyrokinesis

The anime is set for a January 11, 2017 premiere.