8. Yami Shibai

yami shibai

Yami Shibai centres around urban myths in Japan. Each tale tells of a story that really, could happen to anyone, even you. The animation style is unique in that it mimics the story telling using paper art, kamishibai. This combined with the skillful and spooky narration of Kanji Tsuda brings the scary scenes to life and provides the perfect setup for some frightening moments. Watch alone at night, preferably with the lights turned off, for maximum scare effect.

Yami Shibai returns back for a fourth season to scare the pants or creep out its viewers. Considering the cold and darkness of winter, it’s pretty appropriate time to give yourself a scare with this anime.

The anime is slated to premiere sometime in January 2017.



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  • 真紅

    Kazuma Sato didn’t die after being hit by a car. He died of shock because he thought he got ran over by a truck.

  • Simply Naked

    yukio is not adopted!!!! rin and yukio are twins!!!!!!!!! where did you get your information??? the anime and manga (even if they have differing story plot) both stated that the okumura brothers are twins. kindly check your summary please

    • ❃ᗪᗩᑌᑎTᒪEᔕᔕ❃

      Yep they are twins. lol. And Spoiler: Yukio had the blue flames already lol.

  • Anime > Life

    Im Very Hyped about this!!!! Konosuba, Yowamushi Pedal and Ao no Exorcist!!! Kyaaaa~