ANIPLUS is on a roll this Summer season, with not one but four new animes to be simulcasted on the network.

The animes in question are Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, Restaurant to Another World, Tsuredure Children and Aho-Girl, all of which will be premiering early this July!

Here’s the premiere dates:

  • Katsugeki Touken Ranbu -2 July
  • Restaurant to Another World -4 July
  • Tsuredure Children – 5 July
  • Aho-Girl – 5 July

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu is based off the popular Japanese online game of the same name.

Next up is Restaurant to Another World, which is an adaptation of a web novel featuring a restaurant that accepts guests from “another world” not quite like our own.

Then we have Tsuredure Children, which is all about high-school romance and the shenanigans that it entails.

Last but not least is Aho-girl, which is pretty much about a clueless high school girl with a fatal weakness for bananas. Adapted from its original 4-koma Manga, Yoshiko’s friends must do their best to make sure their friend doesn’t take advantage of her.

You can catch all the scheduling on their main site.

And if you’re wondering just which channels to get ANIPLUS on here’s a list of them for the South East Asia Region:

  • Singapore
    • StarHub
    • Singtel
  • Malaysia
    • Astro Go
    • iFlix
  • Indonesia
    • TransVision
    • USEETV
    • DensTV
    • Tribe – Axiata
    • ICTA – provincial channels
    • iFlix
  • Philippines
    • Sky Cable
    • Tribe – Globe
    • OMI – provincial channels
    • TV5 (Selected Content)
    • iFlix
  • Thailand
    • TTT-cable operators
    • iFlix