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First visual key

The official site for the upcoming third TV anime series of the Aquarion franchise, Aquarion Logos has announced the premiere airing. Director of Basquash! and Nobunaga The Fool, Hidekazu Sato has been roped in to direct the series with character designer Takashi Mamezuka (Outbreak Company). The scribe is Yuniko Ayano (Aoi Hana) and Haruka Chisuga (Amagi Brilliant Park) will sing the theme song.

The voice cast consists of Nobunaga Shimazaki (Buddy Complex, Date a Live), Ayane Sakura (Charlotte) and debutant Takayuki Asai.

This time, the story is a bit different, with the background set in a modern day Japan and told mainly at SHIROBACO which is a real life cafe in Asagaya Anime Street in Tokyo. The main owner of the said cafe is anime production house Satelight (Macross Frontier) which also animating the new Aquarion series. The heroes have to battle a nemesis who goes by the name of M.J.B.K (Menace of Japanese with Biological Kinetic energy). It is also a pun on Japanese word Mojibake which means corrupted text.  The M.J.B.K transforms letters into monsters and is trying to spread their nefarious evil to the real world.

The series is set to premiere at Tokyo MX on 2 July 2015.

The first episode will be aired with the director’s edit of the latest OAV/OAD “Souzei no Aquarion EVOL” as one hour special feature. “Souzei” means all members in Japanese and the OAV will feature the characters from both old TV series.

Fans might recall this is the unique mecha anime where the pilots will experience orgasm when they combine their machines together to the superhero-robot to combat their enemies. With Satelight experience in CG mayhem of mecha combat, this series should be delighting the mecha fans like the previous two series.


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