Curved monitors are quickly becoming a thing, as are the curved displays that are starting to become more widespread in homes. Now a curved gaming monitor isn’t too far fetched given that its more convenient than setting up a three monitor Eyefinity-esque setup (unless you are into flight sims) and BenQ has decided to put their tech to the test by producing the XR3501 gaming monitor.

Aimed mostly at enthusiasts, the display maker has tailor made the display with a 2000R Ultra high curvature and 144 Hz refresh rate, so you get to see everything flash by in real time. People who are into driving games like Project CARS and the Dirt series would probably enjoy this the most as it gives a better simulation of a windscreen. Nonetheless, you can pretty much play anything on this and expect much better immersion than your average flatscreen.


The XR3501 has a native resolution of 2560 x 1080, which isn’t exactly 4K but gives you a lot more real estate than your average monitor. It also has a 21:9 aspect ratio alongside standard features like the BlackeQualizer, Colour Vibrance and Game Mode for crispy sharp graphics and deep contrast when you need it.

The display will be hitting the market starting July and will be retailing for RM 3,999, though we aren’t sure if this is inclusive of GST. BenQ will also be further expanding their XL series and XR series of monitors to cater to the growing PC and console gaming market in the near future, so expect more out of the brand real soon.

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