Seemingly out of the blue, it looks like Disney XD is getting Big Hero 6 as one of their next series, picking up where the movie left off.

The series is set to be focusing on Hiro, Baymax and friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred and Go Go Tamago as they defend San Fransokyo from villainy. It will also be looking at the challenges Hiro faces as the newest prodigy of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and all the social hurdles that it brings.

Big Hero 6 will be produced by Kim Possible creator Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley with Nick Filippi as supervising director.

The original movie is actually a Disney adaptation of a lesser-known Marvel comic, featuring Hiro and Baymax as they attempt to uncover the truth behind Tadashi’s death; the creator of Baymax and Hiro’s brother.

Also, Big Hero 6 will be a playable world in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, but we’re unsure yet if the series and the game will have any connection.

They haven’t announced when the series will be out yet but we’ll be sure to know when it finally comes out.