I’m sure you’ve already been wasting your life away watching four different CW superhero TV series – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow – like I have. No worries, though. We’re about to become even more lifeless, for BLACK LIGHTNING HAS ARRIVED. Well, almost. 

The trailer for Black Lightning was released today after the CW’s upfronts presentation.

Check it out below:

Looks awesome, no? I think you, just like me, are hoping that this would eventually lead to a five-way crossover in the CW Arrowverse. Sadly, it seems like that won’t be happening anytime soon. Not according to CW chief Mark Pedowitz, at least.

We do not aim to do a five-way crossover. Black Lightning, at this time, is not part of the Arrowverse. It is a separate situation.

Be that as it may, Black Lightning looks to be a kickass show nonetheless. And unlike the rest of the Arrowverse shows which features younger superheroes, this will centre around a father of two daughters. That in and of itself is very intriguing. Can’t wait!

Black Lightning is set to air this Fall.