The Boost app will handle all your reloading woes, with Boost Credits that never expires!

What is Boost?

Boost at it’s core, is a mobile app that wants to give more value to users and make it easier than ever to top-up your mobile credit. With Boost credits that never expire, you can top up anywhere, anytime whenever you run out of mobile credit from your smartphone.

Be it Xpax, Hotlink, Digi, U Mobile, Tune Talk, XOX or Altel, this is THE app for any pre-paid user out there who has multiple lines or just wants convenience.

Invite friends, get rewarded

Something this good aught not to be kept to yourself alone. Bring friends onto the Boost app and you’ll be rewarded with up to RM5 Free Boost Credits when friends sign up and reload a minimum of RM10. They’ll also get RM5 free Boost Credits as well, the more the merrier!

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Also, you can shake your smartphone after every top-up for a chance to get even more free Boost Credits.

How do we use it?

The best part about Boost is that you do not need to key in that pesky 16 digit PIN whenever you need to reload. You can buy Boost Credits directly using your Online banking or credit card, or request Boost Credits from friends whenever you run out of mobile credit. It only takes 5 seconds to get it done too!

All of your personal and financial information is also encrypted so you can use it without worry. To make it even easier, the Boost app sports the “Smart Nudge” feature, which remembers your preferred top-up denomination to make it simpler to get your next top-up, hassle free.

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So what are you waiting for, go #DoTheBoost and get your friends on board today! Visit for more details or download the app and sign up.

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  • Winson

    sounds so nice a this apps … but how it works ? like per top up how many points can we get ? because I never heard of this apps before

    • Bobby

      I do heard it before, I heard my friend said , this apps can help you to send the gift to the beloved one too , how cute haha

      • Lord Rings

        send gift is via purchase or free of charge? if via purchase, what the different of using groupon or some other app that can buy voucher?

        • Melody

          it is a top up apps too bro ! so we can top up for our bill and in the same time we got our extra points to redeem the free gift haha

          • hajirah iskandar

            wah , thats good .but is that really works out n somemore can collect points to redeem the gifts ? bt thn i have a doubt how to get the extra points ??

          • Law Lau

            i can redeem stuffs when i have collected enough points from boost, used it for a few weeks so far so good. sometimes parents wanna top up but then im at work so i just simply topup for them using boost la

          • joeykoay90

            its not hard to get the extra points , whenever your frenz and urself want to do reload just using this boost apps to reload and collect the points.

          • Aesha Liza

            the points will be add into your acc when you are using this apps to topup while enough points collected you can redeem it as gifts.
            best right ^^ …easy to use and collect the points

          • Winson

            wau ~ we can earn points while enjoying the service , not bad huh, I want to try download this apps la

      • jesicaloo

        woah now top up reload apps still can do that, awesome! Never knew that we can give people gift through online. The world is really towards digital future le.

      • Winson

        oh really , I saw some comments in fb, it works well for the gift session, sounds so cute

    • Lord Rings

      i wondering how many of us still using prepaid? although prepaid are a bit save than postpaid but the quantity are less….

      • Melody

        not really bro…my bro and sis are using prepaid…those students mostly are using the prepaid service so I think this apps quite suitable for these users la

        • jesicaloo

          ya there are still people who wants to control on their budget will use prepaid. i think boost aps would be a nice invention for prepaid users .