Seems Batman himself is taking a little trip around KL, and the caped crusader has been spotted on the LRT and in KLCC!

The Dark Knight was initially spotted at the Pasar Seni LRT station and was posted in a video on RapidKL’s Facebook page. The Batmobile must be in for servicing today.

Of course, netizens were naturally confused as to why Batman is running around on public transport, spawning some speculation that it’s part of RapidKL’s plan to ensure passengers behaved themselves (Annabell was spotted taking the train herself some time ago).

He was then spotted in KLCC by another netizen!

No idea if this is to promote something as the next Batman film is still a rather long ways off or it’s just someone on their way to a costumed appearance, but this is still pretty darn cool.

VIAWorld of Buzz
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