Heads up gamers, Astro is once again going to be televising eSports live and this time they’re going to air BlizzCon’s Hearthstone and StarCraft II World Championships live!

The best part? the matches will be televised free for all subscribers. This is likely following the demand from fans, since they also televised the DOTA 2 championships live earlier this year.

BlizzCon is basically an annual affair for Blizzard, where fans get to celebrate all of the brand’s franchises. This is on top of getting to participate in eSports championships for games under the same banner. They also announce new titles as well.

Hearthstone is a popular strategy cardgame that has over 30 million players worldwide on both PC and mobile platforms.  StarCraft II on the other hand is a futuristic real-time strategy game which is an eSports staple. BlizzCon 2015 will run from 7 to 8 November in Anaheim, California.

Astro on the Go is accessible via browser or app on supported Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, subscribers can tune in to Astro SuperSport Plus on channel 808.