Want to try your hand at Standard Magic: The Gathering? Here’s your chance to hit the Standard Showdown that is taking place this and next weekend!

The Standard Showdown runs for just four weekends starting from 26 November, but is taking place worldwide. You can participate at all supporting stores across the country during these Saturdays, the last two tournaments taking place on 10 and 17 December, with the tourneys to be played in Standard Format.

Participating players will get to earn special three-card booster packs that contain one premium card and 2 non-premium cards that are either rare or mythic rare from the currently legal Standard (Battle for Zendikar through Kaladesh).

Cards from Oath of the Gatewatch will only be in the premium slot and double-faced cards won’t be in the special boosters; with a 1/33 chance for cards from Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh to appear in said boosters as well.

Another alternative to getting the special Standard Showdown boosters is to purchase the promotional Kaladesh booster box from participating stores, but where’s the fun in that?

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