Lenovo’s finally got a proper gaming brand under their belts, and their Legion brand of gaming laptops will be where to look if you want Lenovo’s gaming stuff.

Originally being sold under the Ideapad Y-series, the new Legion laptops will be part of a line of entry and mid-range machines with a focus on VR-gaming.

The two latest devices are other than the Legion Y720 and Y520, which both have an Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake processor under the hood. The Y720 gets the choice of either a core i5 or i7 chip while the Y520 comes with a core i7.

Featuring an aggressive, angular design with red accents, the new laptops certainly look the part of gaming laptops.



In terms of specs, both notebooks will have up to 16GB RAM with up to 512GB SSD storage or a 2TB hard disk. They also sport 15.6-inch screens with the Y520 coming out with 1080p and the Y720 sporting a 4K screen.

As for the graphics, the Y20 has a VR-ready Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU under the hood, while the Y520 has a GeForce 1050 Ti.

The Legion Y720 is set to debut at USD$1,399.99 (around RM6,300) while the Y520 will retail starting USD$899.99 (about RM4,050). The Y520 will be available starting this February while the Y720 will hit the market in April.

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