Nvidia‘s just announced a new game streaming service and an updated version of the Nvidia Shield portable, but the service will come at a price.

Called Geforce Now, the service lets anyone with a PC or Mac to stream from a “Pascal PC in the Cloud” to play their games remotely without needing a powerful rig. The service was originally launched in 2015 and only for the Shield, but now packs a lot more content and is available over more systems.

nvidia streamUnfortunately, the service isn’t looking particularly cheap as the subscription will set you back $25 for 20 hours of gameplay. Yes, that’s not a monthly subscription there, but it will run on actual game time. Ouch.

nvidia stream_1

Nvidia is also releasing a new Shield unit which will essentially be the same except it can now handle 4K.

GeForce Now will begin early access this March and the new Shield will retail for USD$199 later this month.

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