Everything but the kitchen sink's been thrown at this cooler
Everything but the kitchen sink’s been thrown at this cooler

All a cooler needs to do is to keep your brew or drinks cold right? Apparently this guy, Ryan Grepper of Portland, Oregon, thinks the simple cooler can do more and has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into his invention, the Coolest cooler.

Feature packed cooler

Check out what else comes with the Coolest Cooler
Check out what else comes with the Coolest Cooler

“What do you mean everything but the kitchen sink?” you might ask. No we’re not kidding. This is one high-tech cooler you might actually want. Let’s just see what’s been smacked onto it. Some of the tech stuff seems reasonable enough; a removable waterproof  Bluetooth speaker, a USB charger an a LED light. There’s also some logical features integrated in including a cooler divider that doubles up as a chopping board, extra wide easy rolling tires, a bottle opener and integrated storage for knick knacks. Doesn’t seem too far out right? Not exactly, how about throwing in a blender function with the cooler as well? Yep you read that right. This cooler comes with its own integrated blender. Just the perfect thing you need for that ice cold cocktail on a hot day (which is practically everyday here).

Sounds like a great idea if you think about it but does it really need to cost that much? I mean who’s really going to pay that much for a cooler? Apparently quite a number of people. The Kickstarter campaign has already raised around US$5.9 million so far and they still have 42 days to go. The cheapest backing of US$165 has already been fully filled so the cheapest so far is US$185 and that’s not including the US$100 fee for international shipping (hence the US$300 figure). Sounds pricey? Well it is a bit but considering the “cool” factor and the blender thrown in, maybe not so much.

The Coolest cooler is still up on Kickstarter as mentioned and if you’re interested in funding it, just head over here.


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