The Bad

1. Trash, trash everywhere

This one is more of a people problem rather than a problem with the convention itself. Trash at the eating area was overflowing, tables were filthy and I’ve seen photos on social media of leftover rubbish in the halls.

Referring to that giant pile of junk on the floor, less the fancy hand
Referring to that giant pile of junk on the floor, less the fancy hand

Having food available in the halls is a fantastic thing, don’t make them take it away just because you can’t throw away your own wrappers and drink cups.

There’s also the possibility that PWTC’s cleaners couldn’t handle the sheer quantity of trash but don’t be that guy if you’re at a con, dispose of your rubbish!

2. It was pretty hot


Not really something that can be avoided with the sheer quantity of people who attended the event (clocking in at 45k this year!) but PWTC in itself is a bit of an old building and the amenities probably couldn’t keep up with the crowd.

I was wearing your basic T-shirt and pants combo and it was hot, I can’t imagine how sweltering it must have been for the cosplayers! (no really, they were really hot, in more than one way).

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It’s not something that CF itself can really fix but it’s something the building management might want to look into.

3. Problems with pickpockets

Again, this is an issue that plagues all large events.

We even heard that a thief was caught with SEVEN phones which had been stolen. We can’t verify the legitimacy of this rumor, but it sadly doesn’t sound farfetched. Always, always be careful of your things and be aware of your surroundings. We know it can be hard when a convention is so huge (and oh so distracting) but there’s never any harm in it.


Also, if you’d like to help support one of the stricken artists who had their earnings stolen by a thief, you can visit the GoFundMe campaign here (it’s already hit its goals, you guys are awesome!).

By the way, if you happened to have lost or found something at CF, here’s a link to help you out.

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All in, I think this year’s CF was pretty dern good. There was heaps to see and a packed itinerary of things to do (I hope you at least hit the Assassin’s Creed panel on Sunday!) and the location honestly wasn’t half bad. Not forgetting the awesome cosplay we got to see this year! You guys don’t ever stop rocking your awesome costumes!

Like dude, you guys are amazing!

Granted the con had its small issues but those were mostly due to the crowd and building as opposed to the actual convention itself. Like the awful data reception.

I hope CF just keeps improving! it’s grown immensely from its small roots and we’d love to see how it keeps growing from here!

PS: We won’t hate you if you have it in PWTC next year. Let’s just not go back to Mines…

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