Singapore based Encore Films has released an English and Chinese subbed trailer for Death Note Light up the New World this week, and the film itself will release in Singapore this November.

The film will open in Japan on 29 October, with a three-episode prequel called Death Note NEW GENERATION currently streaming on Hulu Japan.

Death Note originally came in the form of a manga where a teen named Light finds a notebook where he could kill people with by simply writing in their names and method of death. The live action film on the other hand, has a world beset by global cyber-terrorism in 2016 where the successors of L and Light duke it out over the six Death Notes on Earth.

Why six? apparently, only six Death Notes are allowed to exist at once in the human world, and with each comes its own Shinigami (Death Gods) at once so there’s a grand total of six on Earth at any given time. This rule apparently is from the manga itself; with this being the first time its been used in a movie adaptation.

Other cast include Masaku Suda as Yugi Shion, Rina Kawaei as Sakura Aoi, Mina Fujii as Sho Nanase, Erika Toda as Misa Amane (reprising her role from the previous live-action films) with Shinsuke Sato directing the film.