Dialog Hub

Dialog Hub has mainly focused itself on the online retail market here in Malaysia but recently they’ve decided to take a big step and go physical with their first flagship retail store in Subang Jaya. Considering the various other electronic and gadget outlets that have sprung up in the area (primarily due to a huge population of students), it is a bold move indeed.

So what can we expect from this new retail store from Dialog Hub? Smartphones and accessories are Dialog Hub’s bread-and-butter, and thanks to its origins in Hong Kong, it has access to the latest tech gadgets, some not readily available in Malaysia. Some examples of these devices include the OnePlus One, LG G Watch, LG G3, Xiaomi Mi TV and the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 4. Of course when it comes to grey imports like these, there always that niggling issue of warranties but according to a Dialog Hub spokesperson, they do offer a two year international warranty. So that ought to give you a piece of mind.

Of course gadgets are not the only stuff that they carry and they have a variey of accessories including he Xiaomi Mi Power Banks and a variety of smartphone covers. What caught our attention though was Dialog Hub’s waterproofing service utilising Liquipel. So what exactly is Liquipel? It’s a state-of-the-art liquid repellent protective coating for smartphones. This means that you won’t need to get any water resistant case or what not to protect your smartphone. All you need to do is bring your phone to Dialog Hub’s store and they’ll coat it for you. The process will only take 45 minutes and then voila, you won’t be panicking anymore when you spill your teh oh ais on that brand new iPhone of yours. The price for coating a smartphone with Liquipel will be at RM189.

Dialog Hub isn’t just sitting on its laurels though when it comes to the latest gadgets as they’re planning to bring other exciting devices including the Moto 360 smartwatch and Google Glass.

Exciting times ahead for gadget lovers. If you’re around Subang Jaya anytime soon, drop in at Dialog Hub. And… bring a wad of cash or credit cards. :)

Visit for more info on the store or you can head over to their Lelong store should you want to purchase stuff online.

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