After getting the axe by Disney following the closure of the Disney Infinity game and toy line, Avalanche Studios is back, reopened under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Their first project will be a game based on Disney-Pixar’s Cars 3.

While studio closures aren’t exactly alien to the industry, having them getting closed and then reopened under different ownership is a little more unusual. A substantial amount of the studio’s former staff are back too, with the company’s staff over a hundred strong.

With the acquisition of Avalanche Software, Warner Bros. also gets the Octane engine, which powered the Disney Infinity series. It will also be used in their upcoming Cars 3 video game tie-in.

However, this doesn’t mean that Disney Infinity is making a comeback. While the studio is once again alive and well, don’t be expecting more of the stylised game-to-life toys.

Cars 3 comes 16 June 2017.