If you thought you’ve seen the last of Doctor Poison in Wonder Woman, think again.

In an interview with The Verge Elena Anaya who plays Doctor Poison claims that she’s contracted for multiple films, but has no clue if she’s going to be making another appearance.

Yes, yes, yes. But I have no answer for that. As you know, when these movies are made, they ask you basically to marry them for the rest of your life. [Laughs] I’d be so happy to be back, to be able to be evil again. It’s so good, it’s so fantastic.


I think Dr. Maru has a lot left to do, and show, and tell. She hides her femininity and vulnerability. It’s so easy for her to escape from every situation. She’s like a tiny criminal ant, it’s so difficult for her to be caught. She has many faces. You know, there is a moment in the movie when we see her face without the damage, and she looks like a fairly normal, easygoing chemist, like somebody who’s clever in her work. Who could tell that this person is going to invent the most destructive weapon ever? So I think Dr. Maru could have a nice side, and show it to the audience. It’d show a lot to the audience about evil people. About what I said about how they exist in real life, with a lot of power to changes everybody’s life.

This is interesting news, especially since recently, we learned that Chris Pine who plays Steve Trevor also has a multi-film deal. Will all these characters be making a return in Wonder Woman 2? Only time will tell.

For now, be sure to check out Wonder Woman which is out in cinemas worldwide!