Some changes are coming to Dota 2 to make it more welcoming to newbies to the game; especially in prep for The International 2017, which starts next week.

With this, the game has gotten an update last week where Valve restricted new players’ hero selection to “a curated group of 20 heroes” for the first 25 games they play. The heroes are chosen out of telemetrics suggesting these would be the most helpful to those new to the game.

On top of that, the update will pair newbies to those with “consistently high behaviour scores” so they will (hopefully) have a good social experience while they are learning the ropes. So the playing field would be relatively even especially since they’ll be paired up based on skill level as well.

The International 2017 starts 2 August and runs till 12 August in Seattle, with a prize pool that’s coming up to a whopping $23 million US Dollars.