UPDATE: More details revealed

The smartphone manufacturer tweeted a GIF of the iconic wings for their next limited edition of the flagship device.

UPDATE: Samsung has released an official unboxing video of the limited edition device, which you can watch below. The Limited edition comes with a black and gold S7 Edge; an actual golden batarang; custom earphones; a case modeled after Batman’s armor; and a Gear VR headset in black compatible with the S7.

The announcement is a tie in to Injustice, the DC Comics based fighting game, but whether there’s going to be a new announcement for the franchise or simply the game’s first major update since 2014 is unclear.

We also don’t know much about the device, but when Samsung did an Iron Man edition for the S6, it came in a red and gold case and a wireless charger with arc reactor form factor. It was, unfortunately, very limited, and thus incredibly expensive – one device sold in China for RM340,000 due to an auspicious serial number.

While we speculate about whether the SD card will be shaped like a batarang, have a look at the teaser gif below.