5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

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The Nerdist channel is frankly what we here at THG would love to be. All your geek/nerd passions presented and curated in a video format. They even have celebrity appearances (Neil Patrick Harris FTW)!!! And while the main Nerdist channel offers endless geek/nerd entertainment, for the gamers out there, there one thing that you should really should watch,  COPS: Skyrim. You remember COPS right? Yeah, we can see the Inner Circle’s Bad Boys song playing in your head right now. Now imagine COPS in a Skyrim setting and you have COPS: Skyrim. Like the COPS show on TV,  COPS: Skyrim is a crossover between a documentary and a reality series, and it follows the patrols of the men-in-blue of the Skyrim universe, with a tad bit more humour than the TV original. With all the footage derived from the game itself, be prepared to knock yourself out with laughter at the antics of Officer Jenkins and his fellow constables.

COPS: Skyrim Playlist

And there you have it! Our 5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube. Be sure to share this among your fellow gamers and for goodness sake, subscribe to them!!! Think you have other channels to recommend besides these 5, or we missed out on other good ones? Then leave your comments and suggestions below.

Until next time, live long and game on.

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Author: Ziwen

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  • Jamic

    What if I cant get past first 5 seconds of Pewdiepies videos without instamuting the video ?

    • http://vernonchan.com/ Vernon Chan

      Then you move on to Game Theorists? 😛