The official site for the Gangsta. TV anime series announced that the release of DVD and Blu-ray in Japan is getting postphoned from its original 26 November release date, starting with volume three.

The committee will deliberate on the new release dates and promised the fans that the new timetable of release will be announced immediately via official site and the official Twitter account. On top of this, the committee apologises to the fans about this unfortunate development.

Latest Animedia poster of the series, October 2015 issue
Latest Animedia poster of the series, October 2015 issue

Six volumes of the Blu-ray and DVD have been planned for the 12 episode series but the sudden bankruptcy of Studio Manglobe on 29 September 2015 threw said plan to the four winds. The first volume of the anime series was released on 25 September followed with 28 October release for second volume.

On the sales front, the first LE volume of the Gangsta. only managed to achieve 1857 (1078 Blu-ray, 779 for DVD) combined copies sold in the critical first week of its release which is a death sentence to any hopes of sequel (minimum sequel benchmark is 3000 copies for first volume in first week).

On the side note, the demise of Studio Manglobe also caused a massive delay to anime feature film Genocidal Organ which supposed to play at the cinemas on 13 November this year.