Let’s be real. You were either really looking forward to this trailer or you hated the idea of an Americanised Death Note from the getgo. 

Personally, I’ve never actually watched the original anime, so there were no expectations on my end whatsoever. Check out the trailer below:

While this isn’t one of the more interesting trailers put together this year, it still has enough in it to get me excited for the movie. One thing I was really looking forward to seeing is the character, “L.” While I’m not really familiar with the Death Note lore, I remember my anime loving fans talking about “L” all the time while I was still schooling. “Dash?? Did you just ask us who’s L? He’s only the coolest bloody character everrrrr!” And, “L” looks pretty damn cool in this Netflix version of Death Note too.

Death Note will stream on Netflix on August 25.