Remember that giant robot duel between the US and Japan? well, they’re finally ready to duke it out this August!

The challenge came about sometime in 2015, where a team of American engineers called MegaBots challenged their Japanese counterparts Suidobashi to a duel. Looks like its finally coming to fruition, two years later, with MegaBots announcing a rough date for the event; this August.

Both teams have been busy building their mechs, and despite the delay (the duel was originally set to be a year after the challenge) due to venue problems, they’re still keeping the new venue a secret to “prevent any future potential delays”. The actual venue will be revealed in the coming months, but MegaBots will be showing off their Mk.III in May at the San Franciso Bay Area if you happen to be nearby.

While the fight probably won’t be the stuff we see in anime, but getting to see two big ‘bots duke it out for real is gonna be awesome.

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