That’s right, the Southeast Asian release for Gintama Ranbu/Gintama Rumble will be in English.

The game is set to drop on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on 18 January 2018, with the title Gintama Rumble. It will be simultaneously released in Japan on the same day as well.

The game will feature English subtitles, and the release will include the “Day 1” bonus item “Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon” as a DLC code.

The game will also have a limited “AV Edition” release that will have 16 songs from the anime as well as an extra 60 voiced lines and those who pre-order the game get the added bonus of a drama CD.

Here’s the general pricing if you want to pick up a copy:

  • PS4 limited edition – 10,600 yen (about RM399)
  • PS4 regular edition – 7,600 yen (about RM286)
  • PS Vita limited edition – 9,800 yen (about RM369)
  • PS Vita regular edition – 6,800 yen (about RM256)