It isn’t everyday you get to zip through the skies, though not quite by flying but by controlled falling. If you’re not familiar with the Gravity Rush series, well, time to say goodbye to normal gravity.

The sequel to Gravity Rush follows the events of the original game, with the main character Kat, deposited in Banga following a gravity storm. She’s temporarily lost her powers due to being separated from her gravity bending partner Dusty and was forced to mine for ore alongside the other peoples in the cobbled together floating town. She does eventually earn back her abilities, and that’s where the real game begins.

Equal measure style and substance

Most of the story is told in a comic book style, with panels. You get some pretty nice voice acting too, though you’ll be using the provided subtitles all the way because the characters don’t speak an actual language. It’s like Simlish, just better.

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As far as the game’s art style and gameplay are concerned, it’s no less breathtaking and exhilarating than the original. You will traverse most of the game, as well as attack baddies by way of your Gravity Shifter powers. It’s a lot less flying and more controlled falling and you’re able to move just about anywhere in 3D space in the game.

Not a game for people who get vertigo easily or those who get nauseous though.

Better get used to running around

Much of the game does seem to center around doing quests and running around, but the combat is quite fun too. If you’re not flinging objects at enemies, you’re literally Gravity Kicking them out of existence. Later on, you get to encounter another Gravity Shifter named Raven, who was also in the previous game. Don’t forget to pick up her free DLC.


Not forgetting the extra challenge missions of course. Aside from finding these in the game environment, you can also receive challenges from the Announcements menu in the Options. The challenges can range from simple things like ‘defeat all enemies’ to having to complete the mission using only one Gravity style.

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However, the controls aren’t that easy to get used to. It might be because I’m not much of a console gamer (insert PC master race joke here) but they weren’t all that easy to get in tune with. The constant flying around IS fun, but is a bit too janky for my brain to handle.

But all in, I enjoyed Gravity Rush 2 for what it had to offer. It had really nice voice acting, the environments are quite pretty, and the fights are fun. Do check out the screenshot gallery we have below, though if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lie down…