There’s been plenty of Hello Kitty crossover merch in the past, but we certainly didn’t predict that Bandai would be promoting a Hello Kitty and Mazinger Z crossover, complete with short anime clip. Check it out here.

hellokitty_mazinger_1The subtitled anime short was released earlier this week, and promotes the brand’s Mazinger Z and Hello Kitty die cast crossover project.


The collaboration will include two revamped toys from Bandai’s Chogokin line; where the Hello Kitty toy will come in Mazinger Z colours and styling and the Mazinger Z toy will be painted in Hello Kitty colours and features a special belt.

Both toys will have replacable parts that let them perform the handshake in the anime short.

chogokin hello kitty

The crossover Chogokin Hello Kitty is set for release in May, while the Mazinger Z figure is set for June release. Bandai is also going to release a Chogokin for My Melody later this month to celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary.

my meoldy


You can check out the short below!