Manga to read in 2016

With the brand new year comes a brand new reading list. Our choice of the best new manga for 2016 has an exciting line up of Shōnen and Seinen titles consisting variety of genres with among them being sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, a historical piece AND a zombie psychological thriller. 2016 is bound to be an exciting year. Read on to discover more to add on to this year’s manga reading list!

Black Clover

Black Clover Manga

Category: Shonen

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy

This manga is basically Yuki Tabata’s attempt in redeeming himself from the short-lived Shonen Jump manga, Hungry Joker.

Debuting in February 2015 on the Weekly Shonen Jump, Tabata’s manga focuses on orphans Asta and Yuno who both aspire to become Magic Emperors. The catch is, there can only be one. The story is somewhat similar to that of Naruto and One Piece in that it concerns the main protagonist – a kid – who wishes to be someone great.

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However, Tabata created a refreshing manga that has fantasy, deeply formed history and lore of its own. With Tabata’s excellent panel flow and the artworks for action sequences possessing a sense of motion, it is highly likely that this manga may just be the next best thing!

Read it if: You enjoy gothic themed fantasy adventures filled with magic.

  • mitotsu

    planning to update my manga reading list & found this gem. thanks!

    • The Hyped Geek

      You’re welcome. Enjoy your read!

  • Franzel Acampado

    im shocked that im reading all this manga before seeing this… or rather in my list

  • Ushuaia Chingtan

    Srsly.. Boruto?nope

  • Madison Hoffman

    Surprised not to see Kuroshitsuji.

  • NineTails

    Boruto ruined itself… It tried to be Naruto, and with that art style? No thank you…