Summer is almost here and we have a slew of great anime and much-anticipated sequels awaiting us this time round. Not sure what to catch? Then we’re here to help. As usual, we got a list of the best anime to watch for the season and here are our 12 top picks.

1. Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sora (Food Wars! 2)

Shokugeki no soma

This is one of the most anticipated anime for this summer. The cook-offs in season one of Food Wars was just mouth-watering epic. One can’t help but feel a little hungry after each episode and somewhat inspired to cook something afterwards. Some of the dishes cooked up by Souma can be replicated in real life

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The orgasmic reactions to the food cooked up by Souma are over the top and hilarious to watch. Souma-kun always comes up with creative ways to overcome all the obstacles that he encounters before him. If you are a home cook, you’ll appreciate the pearls of cooking wisdom from the anime, and maybe take home some interesting cooking tips and apply them to your culinary adventures.

Official site here.

Release Date: Sometime in July 2016

  • Jhude

    Shokugeki no Souma!!! I’m so hype this coming summer season!

  • Yukinoshita Yukino

    hahahaha, I’ve never heard of ReLife before but that trailer is awesome. That might be the most hilarious series next season.

    • Xiao Yan

      Relife is actually a Korean Manhwa so it’s nice to see it getting animated

      • turnip

        No, It’s Japanese webcomic.

      • Mark de Leon

        lol no it’s not. It’s Japanese. It’s even read from right to left. Korean manhwas are read left to right

  • Shine

    Wowww~ There’s actually a lot of interesting anime! Looking forward to these~ Especially Nanatsu, Handa-kun and ofc DGM!!

  • Aeisha

    so nice. You havent finish watching the previous season but here’s a new set of anime to watch. nice.

  • Edward Loke

    For Soma, it should be Ni no Sara, not Sora (it meant sky)

    • Soma-kun

      Yah. That’s the first thing i noticed, since honeyfeed release the date and title first 🙂



  • Kudryavka

    This description actually spoiled Rewrite a little bit. But HYPE. It’s going to be different from the usual Key stories (it’s more focused on the philosophy(z haha) than on feels), but it still has its good share of emotional moments. Looking forward on its adaptation.

    Also, Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu!!

  • Kevin Nico Surposa

    This better have a better plot :3

  • redpoltergeist

    ‘shoujo’ really reflects of who am I in the future..T-T