Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

This year, we’re expecting just as many conventions happening as the last, so here’s a quick breakdown of what cons are happening in Malaysia this 2017.

If you’re lazy to look through all the entries, you’ll find a short list of dates at the bottom of the next page. This list will be updated with new entries throughout the year, so if you see something without a confirmed date, don’t be disheartened!

Season4Otaku- 25-26 February

season4otaku2017 promo

Taking place at Makespace at Quill City mall later this month, this convention is a smaller scale convention (much like most conventions begin) but if you happen to be in the neighborhood, there’s no reason to not check it out.

More information here.

CTFKL 2017 – 5 March

CTFKL 2017 promo

The Collectors Toy Fair KL is back for another year, this time with a Kampong theme! If you have the time to drop by, its happening at Istana Budaya this March, with just an RM5 entry fee.

More information here.

Aoharu Matsuri 2017 – 18-19 March

An ACG event that celebrates the joy of all things ACG, they’ll be having lots of fun performances and dances too!

More information here.

AniManGaki Mini 2017 – 13-14 May

Freshly announced, this smaller version of AniManGaki will be heading our way this May. More details coming soon!

C2AGE 2017 – 15-16 July

c2age preview

C2AGE will be back this year, and they have a confirmed date! Location wise the event will take place at the HELP Subang 2 campus.

More information here.

Visual Arts Expo 2017 – 23-24 July

vax 2017 promo

VAX2017 is back for another year, this time taking place at the Shah Alam convention Center this July.

More information here.

Malaysia Hobby Expo – 26-27 August

malaysia hobby expo 2017 promo

The Malaysia Hobby Expo 2017 has been confirmed, complete with date and location!

More info here.

AniManGaki 2017 – Confirmed, no date

amg 2017 promo

They just released a teaser that they will be back this year, but they haven’t released details yet. It’s fairly likely that it will be happening in Sunway Pyramid again, as it has been over the last few years.

More information here.

Animax 2017 – Not returning

There’s a fair bit of rumours about Animax flying around the web, but as far as we have heard, there won’t be one this year. However, if we do get info that it is in fact making a comeback, we’ll be updating this list.

XPAX Fantasy Fest 2017 – Unconfirmed

Also taking place towards the end of the year, Xpax’s sponsored convention is home to fun concerts and a plethora of other fun events and appearances. We’re not sure they’ll be back just yet, but hopefully it will be free entry like last time!

HobbyCon 2017 – Unconfirmed

The biggest convention in East Malaysia has yet to confirm whether or not they’re making a comeback for this year, but we have no doubts that they would. HobbyCon tends to take place in December, so they’ll likely be coming around then.

More info here.

Kotakon 2017 – Unconfirmed

Usually taking place towards the end of the year, the board game event has been running for two years now. Whether or not they’ll be back this year is as of yet, unconfirmed.