A legend is born

King Kong Poster 1933
The original 1933 King Kong movie poster

In the original King Kong movie, the giant ape King Kong was the last primate of the mega-primodus Kong species. He was given his name, by the tribal natives of the mysterious Skull Island and was just one of many other giant monsters that resided in this hidden island in the Indian Ocean.

The original film plot revolved around an aspiring actress, Ann Darrow (played by Fay Wray), who is hired to make an exotic picture at Skull Island. Unfortunately, she is then captured at the shooting location by the tribal natives to be used as a sacrifice to the giant ape. Kong, however, fell in love with her instead of eating her.

Ann manages to be rescued from Kong’s clutches and in the process of trying to get her back, he is subdued and captured instead. He is then brought back to New York City and marketed as the 8th Wonder of the World. Of course, when you try to chain up a 50-foot tall giant gorilla, he’s bound to escape, which is exactly what Kong did.

Recapturing his tiny love, Ann, the film culminates in its famous ending, where Kong climbs the Empire state building and finally meets his end when he falls to his death.

Over the years, the various remakes have not strayed too far from the original movie plot. Ape meets girl, ape kidnaps girl, girl escapes, ape gets captured, ape escapes, ape captures girl again, ape climbs giant building, falls and dies.

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