Email correspondence is an essential part of every business. Everyone uses it. However, not everyone knows how to get the most of it.

In fact, your emails can become strong triggers for your business’s promotion and marketing if you use them wisely. And one of the main elements that can help you with this is a professional email signature. A good email stamp is eye-catching. It enables you to increase the response rate and leave a lasting impression with every message you send. It can also help you gain the trust and loyalty of your current customer and even attract the new ones. In addition, it drives more traffic to your pages in social media and website if you add the relevant links.

Thus, using it as a tool for business promotion gives you many benefits. In this article, we will tell you how to create one for you.

How To Create An Email Signature For Outlook?

Microsoft took good care of its users and their needs. They gave them a possibility to create an outlook email signature in a few simple steps and provided many great features. Thus, an Outlook user can design a fully customized stamp with pictures, logos, and hyperlinks right from his computer. Also, you get enough space for creativity here. Microsoft made it possible to adjust styles, colors, and fonts to get a unique design that suits your needs.

Here is a detailed guide to help you create a custom email signature for Outlook:

  1. Go to Outlook. Find a horizontal navigation menu located at the top of the screen and click on the Home tab.
  2. Look at the top corner of the screen to your left and click the New Email button.
  3.  You will have a new message box open. Find the Include tab and click the Signature button. A relevant drop-down menu will appear as soon as you do this. Click Signatures and then New to create your stamp.
  4. To begin, come up with a name for your new stamp. Type the name and click OK button to continue.
  5. The name you just created will appear on the following page. Choose it and click Edit.
  6. You will have a large empty box where you can type the text for your stamp. Here you should enter your full name and company’s name, job title, phone number, and email address. You can also include links to a website or social media accounts and other details you want to appear in your email signature.
  7. Customize your stamp. Experiment with fonts and styles to create a unique design. You can also adjust the spacing, size, and colours. Use these tools to make visual accents and highlight the most important information.
  8. Add pictures. If there is a professional photo or company’s logo you want to include, place the cursor to the place where it should be located and click the Insert button. Find the needed file on your computer and add a picture.
  9. Insert links. You can insert the links in the form of text or add hyperlinks to the logo or photo you included. To make a hyperlink follow these steps:
  • Click on the picture to highlight it;
  • Find the Insert Hyperlink button and click it;
  • In the opened box find the Address field. Copy the link you want to add and paste it into the Address line;
  • Click the OK button to save the changes you made.

10. Save all the changes in your signature.

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How To Add The Signature You Created To Your Messages In Outlook?

Once you have a customized stamp, you have to set it. You have a few options here:

    • You can add it to all new messages without exception. To do this, go to the New Messages menu and choose the name of your signature.
    • You can add it to all forwarded messages and replies. For this, go to the Replies/Forwards menu and choose your stamp.
  • You can also choose “none” in both of these menus if you don’t want your signature to appear in the messages.

When you are done, click Save. Once you complete all the steps described in this article, your stamp will automatically appear in the messages.