Some time ago Idea Factory teased that they were working on a Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san) game, and now its got a trailer and a release date!

Idea Factory’s Otomate brand basically produces otome romance sims which are generally targeted at female players. Otomate has previously produced games like Norn9, Hakuoki, Brothers Conflict and Diabolik Lovers.

The game is titled  Osomatsu-san The Game Hachamecha Shūshoku Advice: Dead or Work (Mr. Osomatsu The Game Nonsense Employment Advice: Dead or Work) is set for a PlayStation Vita release in 2017. Exact launch date yet is uncertain but at least we know when it’s going to be out.

The game is described as a “dynamic unemployed adventure” which features the misadventures of the sextuplets of the Matsuno household; the eldest of which is Osomatsu. Oh, did we mention all of them are in love with the same girl? poor Totoko. While the original manga and TV anime takes the boys as 10 year olds, Osomatsu-san The Game reimagines them as adults.

Osomatsu-san the Game will retail for 6,300 yen (about RM 250) for the standard edition, 8,300 yen (RM 329) for a limited edition and a special edition that will come in a variety of six will retail for 12,300 yen (RM 488) with a digital download edition going for 5,800 yen (RM 230).